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Spindrift 4.2m poly boat nscv tender auxiliary dory

At Finn, we have built a strong tradition and reputation based on well designed, user friendly Poly Boats and Kayaks constructed to the highest standards.

Our quality components ensure that the end user receives a superior product that is guaranteed to endure the rigours of recreational and commercial use.

We trust that you will enjoy being on the water in our kayaks and boats that are 100% manufactured right here at our West Australian factory.


We manufacture dinghies, tenders, work boats, survival craft [AMSA Dinghy & non Solas Rescue Craft ], kayaks, ski’s, canoes,kayaks, surfski’s, canoes, Hire and Drive craft and accessories


Effective 1 July 2013, new standards for commercial vessels, introduced by Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), July 1 2018  became law.

The National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) sets out the current requirements for domestic commercial vessels including design and construction.

These standards aim to ensure vessels are manufactured to the highest possible safety standards.

Whether you are looking at a boat for commercial purposes or recreation, ensure you purchase the highest level of safety standard to safely enjoy the water.


If its kayak fishing, escaping your busy day or training to be the fastest on the water, we’re committed to making sure you select the correct kayak or ski for you.

You can be confident you will be paddling away in the best kayak, ski or canoe and have access to friendly, no fuss after sales service.

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