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Survivor 4.0M Dinghy Monohull

news-1Ride Safe with High Quality Commercial Craft

Rescue | Survival | Work | Fishing | Hire & Drive | Leisure | Tender

Finn’s SURVIVOR Dinghy is the toughest and safest poly boat available that meets AS1799 and NSCV regulations.

The SURVIVOR Dinghy is a PE (Polyethylene) Dinghy that offer a smooth, dry and quiet ride with little maintenance. It is perfect for any fishing expeditions, pleasure watercraft or tender.

The PE Hull absorbs the shock and impact making a more comfortable ride. The double V Hull with centre chine allows the SURVIVOR to go fast but remain stable. The PE Hull will not rust, corrode nor suffer electrolysis. PE is naturally a very buoyant product making the SURVIVOR ultra buoyant and virtually unsinkable.

  • AS1799
  • National Standard for Commercial Vessels Approved- NSCV

Available in 2 levels of buoyancy:

  • Standard (Basic flotation) 4 Pax $3500.00
  • LF (Level flotation + swamped stability) 4 Pax $ 3850.00

Proudly Made in Western Australia

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  • 2 Bench seats [foam filled]
  • Oars and row locks
  • Handles [2 x bow , 2 x stern]
  • Anchor Cleat
  • Bow Tow Eye
  • Drainage Bungs
  • Parcel Shift
  • Self Drainage Transorm
  • Motor Mount
  • Built-in Hand Rails
  • Oar Keepers
  • Sponsons *LF Model Only
  • Builders Plate


  • Wheels
  • Rod Holders
  • Drink Holders
  • Bimini
  • Swivel Seat
  • Davits
  • Hand Rails
  • Folding Anchor


  • Dimensions: 4.0M x 1.6M
  • Weight: 100KG (Std or option 110KG LF)
  • HP: 20Hp Tiller Or 30Hp Fwd Control